What do you know about the quality of your database structures?

Did you know?

Database structures have a large impact on performance, maintainability and scalability. Just like program codes.

DEXTER is a solution to maximize performance, maintainability and integrity of database systems by evaluating most of the database objects against simple or complex rules.


Checks if normalisation and indexing is appropriate.
Analyses naming conventions to shorten the learning curve of new colleagues.
DEXTER helps designing a database structure that use HW resources efficiently.
Recognises deprecated practices and helps to optimize them.
Facilitates appropriate use of keys and constraints.
Consistent systems are easier to develop. DEXTER makes the work less complicated.


„You can benefit from these features if you are…”
Chief Financial Officer
DEXTER is cost effective
Performance efficiency means less HW needs. Higher maintainability reduces human resource necessity.
Business director
DEXTER – business can be involved
DEXTER reduces durations of development cycles. Objective evaluation and measurement of IT suppliers is also available using DEXTER.
Operations manager
DEXTER supports improvements
DEXTER reduces the possibility of numerous human erroneous designs and inconsistencies. It enables early identification of database patch deficiencies and errors.
IT director
DEXTER offers transparency
DEXTER helps to keep database structures transparent for other developers, while increasing the performance of IT systems and decreasing the possibility of system errors and outages.
Development manager
Provides continuous quality assurance
DEXTER provides a constantly up-to-date status of the database structure quality. It enables cost saving while reducing risks.


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